KnitPro J’Adore Cubics Gift Set – Interchangeable Needles & Accessories Set


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  • Crafted in a beautiful shade of lavender coloured wood, this set of cubic needles is as beneficial as it is beautiful.
  • The contents of the set are as follows: 6 Cubics interchangeable needles, sizes 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 & 8.0mm in lavender coloured wood with matt gold connectors. Accessories: 3 memory-free stainless-steel cables in length of 60, 80 & 100cm, 4 end caps, 2 cable keys, one set of cable connectors and 20 Amour metal stitch markers.
  • The ergonomic shape was designed to be comfortable in the knitter’s hand as well as pleasing to the eye.
  • The set comes with a luxuriously soft velvet bag that will protect the needles and keep them neatly stored along with a variety of useful accessories.
  • Classic, timeless and unique, this interchangeable needle set makes a wonderful gift for those who enjoy the mindful freedom and creativity of knitting whilst also maintaining reliable functionality.