Native Lighting N1190 Task Lamp


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The Native Lighting Task Lamp is a modern, high-powered LED professional lamp. It is perfect for lighting up large areas, such as a desk, workstation, drawing board, painting, etc. This is thanks to its large shade which can be smoothly adjusted vertically, horizontally and laterally to any desired position, meaning you can direct light exactly where you need it for your specific application.
This lamp features a colour temperature of 5,500K which is the equivalent of natural daylight and allows for perfect colour matching. It is also dimmable to three different settings meaning the user can specify their optimal light level for their specific needs.
Key Features
Wide head to ensure that the light spread is even across a large surface.
Manoeuvrable metal arm and adjustable head so that light can be directed exactly where the user requires it.
Three-step dimmer to provide the optimal level of light.
Fixes to a surface via a supplied clamp, meaning that it doesnt take up unnecessary space on a desk or work surface.
A long reach arm of 98cm (38.5 inches).
Technical Details
Colour temperature: 5,500K (equivalent to natural daylight)
Lux at 30cm: 3,400
Head width: 50cm (19.75 inches)
Head depth: 9.5cm (3.75 inches)
Reach: 98cm (38.5 inches)
Clamp depth: 62mm (2.5 inches)
Weight: 1.68kg
Colour: White
Comes with a 2-year warranty.