Native Lighting N3131 A3 Lightbox


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The Native Lighting A3 Lightbox is the perfect tool for tracing, sketching, quilting, sewing, embossing, scrapbooking, calligraphy, embroidery and more!
Its A3 (32cm x 23cm) size provides a large working area of illuminated surface. Equipped to provide the user with an even spread of light from edge to edge, this lightbox emits low heat. This allows for long periods of use meaning you wont have to take regular breaks from using the lightbox if you dont need to.
This lightweight, ultra-slim lightbox is fully dimmable thanks to its continuous dimmer and LED daylight technology. These features allow the lightbox to provide you with the exact brightness of light needed for your specific application.
It also features a ruler on two edges (one width side and one length side) in both centimetres and inches, for your ease.
The Native Lighting A3 Lightbox is supplied with a USB cable for easy charging this means the lightbox can be plugged into a USB plug, powerpack, laptop, etc.
Also available in A4 size.
Comes with a 2-year warranty.
Key Features
Continuous dimmer via the LED bulbs which provide an even spread of light across the surface.
Lightweight and ultra-slim design.
Powered by USB for quick, portable charging.
Emits low heat, enabling it to be used for long periods of time.
Ruler on two sides (one width and one length) with both centimetre and inch measurements.

Technical Details:
Size: 36cm x 27cm x 0.75cm (14.2″ x 10.5″ x 0.4″).
Illuminated area: A3 32cm x 23cm (12.5″ x 9″).
Colour temperature: 5,500K (equivalent to natural daylight).
Light source: LED
LED CRI value: 80
Lumens: 320
Lux: 4,900
Cable length: 2metres (79 inches)
Weight: 0.86kg
Fully dimmable
No replacement bulbs necessary.