Prym Antique Brass Eyelets and Washers 11.0mm – 15 Pieces


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  • Non-sew embellishing? very easy! prym’s classic eyelets are versatile and are a real plus for laces, handicrafts, as fashionable decorative elements or for interior decoration.
  • The stainless eyelets are made of brass and are available in different colours and with different internal dimensions.
  • The 4,5 and 8mm eyelets can be worked on either with a hammer, the vario pliers for non-sew products or the tripod, whereas the 11mm and 14mm inner diameter eyelets can only be worked on with the supplied tool and a hammer.
  • The eyelets should be fixed, so that they can no longer turn – which avoids the detachment of the eye if the fabric is tightened.

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