The Quilted Bear 3.5″ Classic Embroidery Scissors Gold


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  • The Quilted Bear’s brand new precision scissors. When working with embroidery and applique you need small, sharp scissors that perform time and time again. We’ve delivered that in spades!
  • These Embroidery scissors sharp blades are absolutely perfect for snipping thread. Easily cut through the thread with little effort required and no fraying or snagging.
  • Designed with thinner, smaller blades to allow you to get close to the thread and keep your work clean and professional. Sewing snips you can trust over and over.
  • Classic circular design is perfect for bringing that old school style to your sewing kit. Need another use? They work perfect as nail scissors or scissors for school.
  • As an additional design feature we’ve finished these off by making them Gold scissors to stand out from the crowd. Style and practicality beautifully embodied by these applique scissors.

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