The Quilted Bear 3.5″ Print Embroidery Scissors – Range of Designs Available


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  • The Quilted Bear’s general use Embroidery, Cross Stitch & Applique scissors really are a cut above, pardon the pun! These small, sharp scissors are perfect for precision cutting.
  • Built for ease of use, the embroidery scissors sharp blades will snip off excess thread with ease. No more using clunky large scissors with these precision scissors leaving no fraying or snagging.
  • Our fun designs give these cute scissors a fun aesthetic to keep your sewing accessories one step ahead of the rest. Outgun those sewing snips with flair and functionality all in one.
  • Thinner blades allow you to get up close and personal with the project, giving these metal scissors the versatility to move in the compact environment created with Embroidery whilst cutting right at the base of the thread with ease.
  • Why stop at Embroidery? The compact blades gives them life, making them the perfect scissors for school, sharp nail scissors, Upholstery scissors or fabric scissors!

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