The Quilted Bear 45mm Titanium Rotary Gold Plated Endurance Blade


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  • The Quilted Bear’s 45mm Titanium rotary cutter blades are the perfect antidote for a long lasting and economical way of cutting fabric, paper or cardboard in many different craft styles.
  • Primarily used for Quilting, Sewing & Dressmaking, these rotary cutting blades will easily glide through multiple layers of fabric without fraying or snagging.
  • Titanium blades really are the standard bearer for precision and durability. Studies show that Titanium blades last on average 3 times longer than Stainless Steel blades.
  • Most rotary blades are fully interchangeable with these 45mm blades fitting most rotary cutters such as OLFA, The Quilted Bear, Clover etc. Perfect for revitalising your cutter.
  • The easy replace system allows the blades to simply clip into most cutters with minimum fuss. For The Quilted Bear Cutters, simply unscrew the central carriage and place the blade in before screwing it up again.

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