The Quilted Bear Chalk Fabric Markers for Sewing – Pen Style Fabric Chalk Markers for Sewing, Quilting & Crafts (Red, Blue, White, Silver & Yellow)


When marking out stitches and lines there really is nothing better than our chalk marker pens for sewing. The pen style markers simply glide across multiple different types of fabric to give you clean, crisp markings that can make all the difference. When you’re done, just wipe the chalk away or dab with a damp cloth to remove.

Ideal for use on multiple different types of fabric including Cotton, Jeans, Knit & Suede.
Easily brush off the chalk when you’re done with a flick of the hand. Chalk has been used for decades and you can see why!
Chalk stays in a clean and and precise line with no waving or jutting. Perfect to follow with absolute certainty.

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Throw away your Fabric Chalk Wheel & Fabric Pencil, there’s a new type of sewing chalk for marking fabric! Our Chalk Pens work perfectly on Cotton, Jeans, Knit, Suede and pretty much any fabric you can think of.
Perfect straight lines are created by dosing wheel technology. Each pen has a mini chalk wheel fabric marker at the tip that evenly distributes chalk across a thin straight line. Lines as strong as a chalk pencil but infinitely more accurate!
Working with different colour fabrics? No problem. We’ve given you the option of 5 different colours to arm you with a fabric chalk marker for every fabric. Whether working on dark fabrics or light, we have the colour for you.
As with every fabric pen for marking, erasable markings are paramount. Chalk pencils for sewing have been around since the dawn of time, mainly because they work! Chalk rolls onto the fabric and wipes off, it’s as simple as that.
Each pen can be easily refilled in no time at all. Each refill contains an entirely new set of sewing chalk for fabric that simply clips into the bottom of the pen. Why spend your time and money replacing pencils and wheels when you have an easy refillable option?

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