The Quilted Bear Deluxe Wooden Spinning/Revolving Thread & Yarn Ball Holder


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  • The Quilted Bear’s Spinning Wool thread winder and storage tool is the perfect companion for Knitting and Crochet enthusiasts everywhere. The perfect option for keeping your wool or yarn tidy.
  • Smooth beech wood allows you to slide the wool or yarn onto the mechanism with ease. The stand will easily fit an 100g wool ball, allowing you more versatility in what wool you can use.
  • Stem effortlessly turns to allow easy access to your wool ball. No more tangling your wool or yarn in a wool bowl or draw. Just grab an end and let the yarn spinner do the rest!
  • Base’s weight keeps it steady on any flat surface to stop it from toppling over whilst in use. Perfect for use with Wool, Yarn or thread. You can even knit directly from it!
  • A stylish addition to any knitting accessories station whilst also allowing you to get working on your project immediately. Dimensions: W10 x D10 x H16cm.

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