The Quilted Bear Mini Silicone Iron Rest



  • Iron rests are the perfect aid when Ironing for long periods of time. Work surfaces can get quite busy with multiple Quilting accessories, these handy pads give a designated place for the iron to sit.
  • Dimpled silicone material design stops the iron from resting directly onto the iron pad or table, meaning the iron’s heat is more evenly distributed across the area.
  • Flexible & lightweight ironing pad that is portable and great for use as a travel ironing mat. Going to a Quilting class? Simply pick it up and bring it with you!
  • Each table top ironing mat is heat resistant up to 220 degrees Celsius. They can therefore withstand working at the highest iron temperatures even when pressing.
  • Silicone rubber is very easy to clean and the mats come in four different colours for you to chose from. The Small sized mats are customer built for working with steam mini irons.

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