The Quilted Bear Premium Multi-Purpose Water and Air Erasable Marker Pen


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  • The Quilted Bear bring you their Air & Water soluble fabric markers. Essentially giving you two pens for fabric in one, this really is the pen for all occasions.
  • These wet erase marker pens for fabric are perfect for working with tracing designs onto work for stitching. They are also great textile pens for marking your Quilting lines!
  • How do they work? Aqua pens are simply pens with water soluble ink. The erasable pens Blue side will mark in Blue ink and can be removed by simply dabbing with a wet cloth. It really is that easy!
  • Want to make it even easier? The Purple side of of the material pens will completely vanish after 1-14 days. All you have to do is sit and wait!
  • Both colours of the textile markers are designed to be easy to see on fabric. Got a Purple fabric? Just use the Blue side! A water soluble fabric pen you can rely on.

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