The Quilted Bear Premium Sewing Gauge/Ruler with Angle & Compass Markings


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  • The Quilted Bear’s new Sewing Ruler Seam & Hem Gauge is the perfect multi-purpose tool for Sewing, Dressmaking & Quilting. Great for having tucked into your sewing kit.
  • Seam guide ruler has precise centimetre measurements on both sides. The right-hand side has notches for absolute precision measurement even with folds.
  • Left-hand side of the measuring gauge has a standard sewing rulers edge which is perfect for measuring hem & seam depths due to its square, flat starting starting point and malleable design.
  • Complete with compass hole with both 5 and 7cm markings. Perfect for arches and curves. Also includes a 90 degree angle marking for easy and seemless angle marking.
  • Seam Gauge Sewing Ruler made from durable and malleable plastic making it last longer and very hard to break. If you don’t have one of these in your box you’re missing a trick!

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