The Quilted Bear Premium Universal Rotary Blade Sharpener for 28mm & 45mm Blades


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  • One of the biggest constant costs in Quilting, Dressmaking and Sewing is constantly replacing dulled rotary cutter blades. This Blade Sharpener eases the issue, saving you time and money!
  • How does it work? Simply place the Rotary Cutters Blade into the centre of the device and close. Rolling the Sharpener along a flat surface sharpens the blade edge to revitalise the blade.
  • You don’t even need to touch the blades! Blades Sharpener comes complete with a magnetic stick that can be used to stick to the blade for insertion or removal. Ensures quick and safe use.
  • Restores your blades to perfect working order, allowing you to cut clean professional lines with previously unusable rotary cutting blades. Revitalise your stash now!
  • Better still, the blade sharpener works on both 45mm & 28mm rotary cutter blades. Works with blades that have the standard 3 indent hole (as seen on the packet), doesn’t work on blades with an entirely circular hole.