The Quilted Bear Rainbow Scissors Gift Set 25.5cm/11.5cm


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  • The perfect sewing scissors set for Dressmaking, Cross Stitch & Embroidery. Both scissors have a beautiful Rainbow design to give you a dash of style amongst the substance.
  • These Dressmaking Shears are the perfect heavy duty scissors for cutting fabric, paper, Leather, Denim or even carpet! Sharp blades will easy cut multiple layers of fabric at once to outgun other leading brand fabric scissors.
  • A beautifully shaped handle gives the large scissors a comfortable feel in the hand whilst the Steel centre pin creates strong scissors with a sturdy, trustworthy & consistent cutting action that is essential for dressmakers scissors.
  • Stork scissors are indicative of this set as they mix style and function flawlessly. Long, thin bill like blades get you close to your work to act as precision scissors for cutting thread and more!
  • Embroidery scissors sharp blades are perfect for multi-purpose use such as stork sewing scissors, nail scissors or school scissors. Dressmaking scissors for fabric cutting are sized at 25.5cm/10″ with the stork embroidery scissors sized at 11.5cm/4.5″.

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