The Quilted Bear Safety Locking Stitch Markers



  • There is nothing more infuriating than losing count of your stitches or lose your place in a pattern. Locking Stitch Markers resolve this issue for both Knitting & Crochet!
  • Great as Knitting Place Markers you can simply clip the marker into the stitch and unlock it to remove. Lobster Clasp design makes it simple to move around your work, even as Crochet Markers.
  • Strong plastic clasp will not allow the marker to fall off or break. Dulled plastic point wont harm the stitch and clips into the round part of the clip for a strong hold.
  • Knitting markers can be easy to lose due to their size. The bright colours of these markers make them easy to find amid a cluttered knitting table & also easy to see up against the design.
  • Two different crochet stitch markers pack sizes to chose from. Our 20 Pack is a great starter pack or top up option with the 100 pack the perfect value pack.

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