The Quilted Bear Tack Refills – Premium Basting Fastener Tack Refills for the Basting Gun/Kimble Gun Pack of 2400 (Black)


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  • The Quilted Bear’s Own branded refill packs work perfectly with the most other 4.4mm Basting Guns. Refill packs keep the tag gun ticking over project after project.
  • Need to hold fabrics and linings together while basting? Simply insert one of these micro tags. Glues and adhesives can clog up the needle which is a problem that simply disappears with the tagging gun.
  • Need more functionality? These tacks are among the best upholstery tools for tacking pleats together, temporary binding of fabrics or simply tacking embellishments to designs.
  • Refills are easy to use, simply feed them into the top of the basting tool and you’re off. With 2400 refills per per pack there are double the amount in the branded refill packs.
  • We realise that colour is important so we offer two different options. This Dark colour pack shows up on light fabrics or blends in with dark fabrics! Need to remove them? Simply use some Scissors or The Quilted Bear Basting Tack Remover.

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