The Quilted Bear Versatile – Extendable Table Clamp


Fully adjustable embroidery hoop table clamp or holding hoops & frames across a multitude of crafts. Ideal for embroidery, tapestry, quilt, crewel and counted thread projects. Keep your hands free for the important work! Versatile Clamp can be adjusted to hold multiple different sizes of embroidery hoops or tapestry frames. Compatible with hoop sizes 4″ (10 cm) – 14″( 35 cm). Perfect for projects of all sizes. Sturdy clamp has a strong grip on the embroidery hoop or frame & is tightened or adjusted with a screw mechanism. Embroidery frame will not turn or fall out during work. Not only does the frame adjust to fit different sizes of hoops, you can also adjust the angle, height and extension of the embroidery stand. Get your work at the perfect height, distance and angle in seconds, Increasing comfort for those long Projects! Simple screw together assembly can be completed in under 5 minutes. One of the leading products in the embroidery frames and stands genre. Hoop & fabric not included.

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