The Quilted Bear 17″ x 23″ (45cm x 60cm) Self Healing Double Sided Quilting Cutting Mat – Full Range of Colours Available!


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The Quilted Bear’s range of A2 cutting mats. The perfect cutting board for crafting, quilting, and general craft use with its wide cutting area and clear lines.
One of the most heavy-duty mats on the market with 5 layers of self-healing protecting the mat surface from rotary cutters & craft knives. Any cutting lines simply disappear!
We have used our experience in the cutting mat market to provide various angled guidelines including 60 & 45-degree lines; all on a clear 1″ square grid.
Sized at 18 inches x 24 inches with a 17″ x 23″ grid, this large cutting mat gives you a generous amount of space to work on larger projects that require longer strips of fabric, card, or paper.
Your choice of four different colours allows you to pick the cutting board that is clearest to you and the fabric you work with. Or simply match it with your Quilting & sewing accessories!

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