The Quilted Bear Square Rotating Cutting Mat (Various Colours & Sizes)


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  • Say goodbye to contortion! If you haven’t tried a rotating cutting mat yet, you’re missing out. Rotating Mat smoothly rotates 360 degrees to give you access to all sides of the fabric.
  • Clever innovative locking design means you can lock the mat in position to stop it rotating. This allows you to use the mat as a conventional rotary cutting mat when rotation is not needed.A fully self healing cutting mat, meaning marks and scratches from rotary cutters don’t blemish the Quilting cutting mat face. Perfect for people who spend a lot of time cutting.
  • Base mat includes an anti-slip design to stop the mat from slipping away from you when rotating or cutting, making sure you have maximum precision and accuracy at all times.
  • Our cutting mats come in your choice of 3 different colours with angled markings at 30, 45 & 60? angles to aid cutting fabric shapes.

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Blue, Green, Pink, Green, Pink, Blue